Abstracts should not be more than 400 words and the content of the abstracts should include objective, the method, results and conclusions. Abstract may be submitted in Turkish or in English;
Abstracts should consist of a title, name and surname of the author(s), e-mail addresses, occupational information and 5 keywords.

It should be prepared with 12-point Cambria in a Word document.
Abstracts should be submitted to until June 30, 2017.

Full Paper
Full paper is edited single-spaced, Cambria 12 pt. font, not exceeding 10 pages or 3.000 words.
Full paper; should be consist of a title, author’s name, surname, abstract, keywords, introduction, methodology, findings, discussion and conclusion with references section.
Citations in the text part of the full paper should be designed in brackets [1] by numbering.
Table names should be displayed on above the table, figure names should be displayed below the figure by numbering. Each table and figure should be explained by cited.
Each citation in reference section should be listed in accordance with the numbering in the text.
All submissions to the PTST ‘17 will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. For further information; please visit web site.
Full paper should be submitted to address until August 18th 2017 latest.

Best Paper Award
The best bulletin presented will be awarded with 1000 Euros in memory of Capt Efdal SAFEL.

JEMS Academic Journal
Articles which have potential of being printed in Journal of ETA Maritime Science will be determined through evaluations by the academic board. These articles will be uploaded by their authors to for review.